Hope Theme #148

Barney the draft and Rosie the miniature were running straight to me in  hopes of a treat.  It always takes my breath away to watch a horse run.  Beauty in motion.

8 Responses to “Hope Theme #148”

  1. With the drafthorse, you have to be concerned that the Brakepads have been check as they weigh a tad more than his kittke mate does. Love the enthusiasm they both show too.

  2. I can see the hope in their eyes!

  3. I *hope* you gave them something. They are so cute, how can you possibly resist?

  4. Another excellent image…I can feel the wind blowing thru their hair!

  5. Magnificent animals, what a joy it is for you to see them rushing to you – hoping!!

  6. What a pair! Nicely shot, i like how they have the same hoof off the ground.

  7. Thank you all! I love my babies.

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