Contemporary Theme #58

This is a photo I took with my Lensbaby double glass optic.  It is a dried orchid flower.  I then put it into PSE9 with Topaz Adjust 4 and applied about 5 different filters (I lost track) to get what I feel is a comtemporary photo.  I looked contemporary up on the web and it seems to be anything out of the norm or something so I hope this fits. My daughter hates it but I think it is kind of neat.  The orchid was purple and cream colored before it dried out.  lol.


7 Responses to “Contemporary Theme #58”

  1. it wouldn’t be contemporary if there wasn’t someone who didn’t like it. 🙂 I like creative things. Good job!

  2. Looks like abstract art . . .

  3. Sorry but I don’t get Lensbaby!

  4. I like it – funky!

  5. Oh yes, I like it, you have been very creative with this one. Love the colours – well done.

  6. Funky would be my word too, a fun abstract.

  7. creatively contemporary, without your telling what this was I would have been stumped. truthfully I think this is op art! Love the processing.

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