The Letter K Theme #312

Well, boring picture but I’m not doing well today and it IS a letter K.  This is the side door to my little barn.  Eventually it will be painted red with all of the trim done in white.  For now it is natural wood.

6 Responses to “The Letter K Theme #312”

  1. I like the wood tone but I guess it is your Barn LOL!

  2. hope you are doing better soon. I think the red and white will look nice. Hope to see an updated picture when it’s finished.

  3. I like it, love the grey, but I think it will also look good painted. Definitely just a K this time!! Have a good day and I hope you feel better.

  4. A “K” it is. Nice catch for the theme.

  5. A fine K ; I too hope you are on the upswing.

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