Casual Theme #38

Mr. Barney have a casual rest time.  He is such a giant goofball that when he does this is makes me laugh.  Sitting like this his head is higher than I am tall.  I’m not a shorty either!  I love my big boy!!  I used PSE9 with Topaz B&W to apply filters but now I don’t remember which filters I applied.  Sheesh, my mind is really going.  I’ll have to start writing it down as I do it.  Sorry.


7 Responses to “Casual Theme #38”

  1. Gorgeous photo and I love the colour. He looks a beautiful horse.

  2. Nice tones and a cool shot!

  3. Barney is adorable – I love how he just plopped down to have a rest.

  4. Character in any animal will win me everytime too!

  5. Thank you all. I love my boy! He is so full of character!

  6. So very interesting the way he likes to sit. Would love to see the original image.

  7. I don’t know horses at all but he sure looks casual and relaxed. I like the warm tones, the B&W Effects is so versatile I think.

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