Humour Theme #150

“I’m king of poo mountain!”  These are our 2 one week old chicks playing in the horse pasture.  I thought it was so cute that the one was standing on the pile of poo.  Made me laugh so that is my humour theme.  I am going to catch up for the last 2 days that I missed due to health.


7 Responses to “Humour Theme #150”

  1. Colonel Potter in MASH used to refer to that as Horse Hockey, when he wasn’t singing “I like to go swimmin with Bow Leffed women and ….) but you would be too much of a chick to remember that!

  2. Funny, but so cute!

  3. Hilarious and adorable.

  4. ….one man’s poo is another chicks prize, really funny.

  5. Love it and enjoyed my chuckle. So cute!

  6. One proud baby chick! Fun shot.

  7. Cute chicks . . . and proud to be king on the poo.

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