Pleasure Theme #224

My daughter, Téa (pr. Taya) showing the pleasure of trying not to get photographed and it also shows my pleasure of being the mother of such a beautiful and intelligent young lady!  She turns 11 on monday!  Where does the time go?  Now that does not bring me pleasure.  lol  For this image I used PSE9 with Topaz B&W to apply the Umber filter.


6 Responses to “Pleasure Theme #224”

  1. Oh but she is beautiful and I love the joy you can see in her face. It is a gorgeous photo.

  2. Beautiful and only two years before she becomes that terrible TEEN MONSTER, tell me though is her hair B&W Umber in real life?

  3. Wonderful smile, it is in her eyes too. Nice tones too, that plug-in has so much to offer.

  4. Love the processing of this adorable portrait of your daughter. Happy Birthday to her!

  5. You have a beautiful almost 11 yr old!!! Love the processing and really love that huge smile!

  6. well captured innocence of youth.

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