Unforgettable Theme #343

I’m posting twice today since I missed yesterday.  I always find a new birth on our farm unforgettable.  This is my miniature mare Peach and her new filly.  We are still working on names for her.  This is the last birth for the year.  I got lucky this year.  I had two tough births but was blessed with two fillies!  Can’t complain about that.  We also have 2 new chicks that I will share pictures of later.




9 Responses to “Unforgettable Theme #343”

  1. It sure was an unforgettable experience , she is quite gorgeous and looking forward to hearing what you call her.

  2. She is the cutest!!!

  3. One day and so attentive of you! I think she is saying THANKS!

  4. adorable! I want one – my birthday is in May. I’m just sayin’. Peachlette deserves to see Brooklyn.

  5. She is amazing and truly unforgettable!

  6. Thank you all!! Gisele, she will be available by then! lol. We have decided to call her Athena!!

  7. Great name and both this and earlier shot are amazing. What a thrill indeed.

  8. Love the star on her forehead.

  9. So very adorable! Glad everything turned out OK!

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