Ultimate Thrill Theme #340

On Sunday morning my mare, Peach foaled a beautiful filly!  The little filly was trying to come out with only one hoof and her nose.  The other hoof was stuck behind the pelvic rim so I had to push the filly back in, find the other hoof, pull it up over the rim and then I helped the foal out since Peach was super tired by this time.  It was an Ultimate Thrill for me to be there to help her out, I’m not sure she could have done it on her own.

6 Responses to “Ultimate Thrill Theme #340”

  1. Thank Goodness you were there! OMGosh…how precious!!!!

  2. Well done Doctor! What a great thrill that must have been for you, the little horse is beautiful.

  3. Boy have you and Mum, DONE WELL. The rest of us should consider what we have done of any import this week! Gorgeous Shot!

  4. She’s perfect. Glad you were there to help out.

  5. Wonderful story and a beautiful image.

  6. OOOOOooooooo = lovely moment!

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