The Letter Z

This gate heads into one of our larger pastures.  I noticed the other day when I was enjoying some time in the sun on the deck that there was a letter Z hidden in it.  So here you go!  I used PSE9 to adjust contrast and then Topaz Adjust 4 to add the HDR Sketch to make it more visually interesting.

8 Responses to “The Letter Z”

  1. Mary Stewart Says:

    And Y and L and 7 and just count the triangle!!!

  2. And X and U and O and E and an UP arrow and a DOWN arrow, hey there is too much here! LOL

  3. Don’t forget the N.

  4. … and the backward E

  5. Loved the comments – well done. Interesting!

  6. There is a “C” . . .

  7. I think you have a whole lot of letters covered in this one!!!

  8. Lots of letters!

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