Gates Theme #127

This gate is the one outside my back door heading into the paddock with my miniature horses and the chicken coop.  My pregnant miniature mare was a little hard on it so it needs some repair but I liked the way it looked yesterday hanging on it’s hinges and it’s Kiwi latch (that’s for you, Ron.  lol).  I used PSE9 with Topaz Adjust 4 to add the Spicify filter.  I love the way it came out!!


4 Responses to “Gates Theme #127”

  1. Your camera angle added so much more depth to this image, I would frame this one in a heart beat!

  2. I LOVE the WOOD, what would I know about K1W1 latches? They’re way across the ditch (Tasman Sea) The drunken sailors lean is impressive to!

  3. Love the processing. Topaz really makes the image pop.

  4. I am a long time watcher and I just considered I’d stop by and say hello there for that very first time. I actually get pleasure from your posts. Many thanks

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