Movement Theme #188

My son Aidan, always in motion!  He was having a great time splashing through the water as the sun set behind him.

7 Responses to “Movement Theme #188”

  1. No Ma! I have no idea how my trousers got all wet, Maybe a remnant of Hurrican Irene! ???

  2. lol. Good one. He is always wet or dirty. Even at home here where we don’t have a lake or a pond. I do a ton of laundry. All boy, that one! lol

  3. Good capture right down to the bubbles behind Aidan !

  4. I love the light, and my immediate thought was “she must do a lot of laundry!”

  5. Ha! I love the light too and how you caught the splashes of water, a fine moment.

  6. The lighting really highlights Aiden! A wonderful capture!

  7. Great lighting and fun shot of Aiden.

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