Sandy Theme #251

This is the beach at Mcleod Lake by Whitecourt, Alberta.  I love the little bird footprints along the shoreline while the sun was setting to give it that orange, warm feeling.  I also had to throw in a picture of our little 3 1/2 month old Westie, Fiona.  She had a great time in the lake and the sand as you can see!

8 Responses to “Sandy Theme #251”

  1. Love the Tri-Toe prints and the glimpse of Fiona’s day at the beach!

  2. Fiona is getting big! I like the little bird prints.

  3. That’s one wet and sandy little westie 🙂 what a cutie, I can see her having a ball on the beach (in more ways than one maybe).

  4. And a good time was had by all, lol.

  5. I love westies! Great dogs!

  6. Thank you all!! She is our first westie. We have always been Great Dane people but the short lifespan and high risk of cancer took it’s tole on us so we chose to go back to a terrier since we each had terriers growing up. She is fitting in wonderfully in more ways than one! lol

  7. I love the bird foot prints in that warm light and of course I love your pup in all her sandy glory.

  8. Neat bird steps and a fun loving pup on a sandy beach.

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