Warm Theme #351

Our campfire!  Maybe a little more than warm but oh so relaxing!!  Kept away the mossies that Ron asked about!  lol.  Actually, there weren’t really any around which was really nice!

5 Responses to “Warm Theme #351”

  1. This really has to be enlarged to see the beauty of the flames you have captured although I thought I saw a mossie off to the left. Another camping tip! Use Elephant repelant! I have used it for years and have never been bothered by Elephants in our backyard!

  2. I like how the first piece of wood is intact and flames swirl around the others.

  3. There is nothing more relaxing than watching a campfire. I love this image.

  4. Love to watch dancing campfires!

  5. Don’t you love to watch a fire. This is exposed just right, it’s easy to blow out the highlights.

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