Burgundy Theme #32

This beautiful little branch caught my eye as we were sitting around the campfire.  I thought it was so beautiful in the ray of light.

7 Responses to “Burgundy Theme #32”

  1. How did you notice that when you were so busy looking out for Bears, Snakes Puma etc! LOL So serene!

  2. lol. Just good at it! Actually at home is where we have to watch out for the cougar, bears, bull moose and wolves!

  3. I love how the lighting makes the colors glow!

  4. Beautifully captured. Hard to imagine autumn colors are showing up!

  5. This glows so beautifully, nicely seen and shot.

  6. Love the light on the burgundy leaves.

  7. Once again thank you all. I am really loving this challenge and it is wonderful to meet you all and to get to share!

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