Orbs Theme #209

I hope these count as orbs.  This was the sun setting over Mcleod lake just outside of Whitecourt, Alberta.  I just stepped out of our campsite to get this shot.  It was so beautiful!

11 Responses to “Orbs Theme #209”

  1. Beautiful sunset over the lake.

  2. The theme police may jump on you but if the sun ain’t an Orb, what is? It’s the Orbest in this neck of the woods.

  3. Beautiful orb!

  4. But what about the circles that the light made, I’m not sure what you would call them, reflections? There are 4 of them. Sorry if I misunderstood. tee hee. I don’t think I have seen anyone else do this one yet.

    • Those are called ‘Lens flares” I believe. 🙂

      Its a lovely shot! And I giggled since my cousin lives in Whitecourt.

      I’m not sure what the rules of all your themes are, but I would think it counts as an interpretation of an orb!

  5. I’d say you did good…definitely orbs and gorgeous ones at that!

  6. great sunset and I love the way the sun make a road across the lake. This is what the moon does outside my window occasionally

  7. I think the circles you mentioned are considered as ‘lens flare’, a thing that happens when too much light is refracted in the camera lens. With that said, this is Orby. and artsy.

  8. Fantastic colors! I’m glad Ron is guiding you through dealing with the International Theme Police. Cool lens flare.

  9. Thank you all. It was a beautiful evening!

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