Portrait Theme #226

OK.  So here are more duck pictures like I promised you.  I really enjoyed having them there.  Mama duck was so patient and calm.  When I started taking pictures of just her she really started to pose.  30 pictures later I have a bunch of wonderful shots and the little ones started to get jealous.  lol.  I couldn’t resist adding the next photo of 2 ducklings.  They were so adorable.

Look at the heart shape their heads made!!  If I still had the “Shapes in Nature” theme I would have used this picture for that.


9 Responses to “Portrait Theme #226”

  1. They are as cute as can be!!!

  2. Adorable – especially the little heart-shape from the little ones

  3. I enjoy all of your pictures, Rhonda-Lynne. Really love the nature photography. Good job!

  4. Thank you everyone. They were fun.

  5. They really are Ducky shots here!

  6. So cute! Mom does appear to be posing for you.

  7. These are great pics! I’ve noticed in the animal world how patient parents are. We can learn so much from them.

  8. Sweet! That heart shape is fine.

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