Shades of Grey Theme #259

I took this picture on our back deck of Fiona enjoying the warm sun.  I then used Topaz Adjust and PSE9 to apply the Psychadelic filter with the color saturation all the way down to give it a pencil sketched look.  I love the way it turned out.  Our sweet little West Highland White Terrier will be 12 weeks old tomorrow!

8 Responses to “Shades of Grey Theme #259”

  1. So cute! I like the processing – it shows the way the fur on her chest forms a chevron.

  2. What a cute model. She knows exactly how to pose.

  3. It isn’t polite to bring attention to an aging dog’s Grey Hair – How would you Like It – I thought Not. LOL

  4. the effect is great, looks almost as she’s striped at front. Seems she likes to ba a photomodel 🙂

  5. Cute puppy and the processing makes for a fun image.

  6. It was a good shot to start with,and you got some great results from the processing.

  7. Your processing has a real 3d look to it, very cool transformation!

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