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The Letter M Theme #314

Posted in Photography on July 28, 2011 by paintedmeadows

M is for Macho!  Look at my 2 boys!  Levi, my miniature stallion got home yesterday after his month long “date” and this is them showing off to each other.  I just loved how it showed off Barney’s neck.  Levi was really posing too but you can’t see it as much at this angle.  It only took a bit of posing and all was fine again.  The white tape between them is electric and they are both standing in alot of water from the pouring rain we had minutes before so that fence would really zap if it had touched them.  One last note, I don’t usually leave halters on but when I put Levi in there it was raining so hard that I just unclipped the lead and turned him loose.  The halter is now off.