Heavy Theme #142

My clydesdale X belgian draft horse, Barney.  He is about 2200lbs so I think that classes as heavy, especially since the rest of the horses around here are miniatures.  lol  He’s a big horse with a huge heart!!  In this photo I used PSE9 and yup, Topaz Adjust but this time I used the Venice Painting filter.  I liked the soft effect on my big softie!!

10 Responses to “Heavy Theme #142”

  1. No doubt Barney fills this theme! Great choice using a square format and finishing this off with this beautiful frame.

  2. Do you show him, as I have never seen a Clydesdale with such a smooth Muzzle. What I love the most is the splash of appalosa spilling from his hind legs in a line up his rump.

    • Nope, he isn’t shown, just loved. I think his muzzle looks so smooth because of the filter. He does have all of his whiskers. The markings on his legs and rump are from sabino which is a type of pinto marking. No appy in him anywhere. His sorrel coloring with the flaxen mane comes from the belgian in him instead of the typical bay of a clydesdale. He is a wonderful boy and a big sweetheart.

  3. Topaz is addicting, isn’t it? Barney is so cute. I like the square format for him.

  4. The square framing and Topaz make for a lovely portrait.

  5. He is so handsome. Hope you did not let on about the theme. He might be a little embarrassed.

  6. Barney certainly has a magnificent presence about him, interesting reading about his breeding and colouring.

  7. Big and beautiful. Luckky for us most big horses are very kind

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