Curves Theme #66

Yet another angle of the Peace River bridge.  I love the curves of it and the color.  There are also curves in the light poles and curves in the road.  Covers the theme quite well I think.

8 Responses to “Curves Theme #66”

  1. Very nice shots

  2. Yes, very well. I like the colors too.

  3. Great image! Reminds me of an inch work in an artistic way of thinking.

  4. Great shot. Bridges are artistic. Each one has its own personality.

  5. There is a kind of lace-work look about this bridge, great colour too.

  6. And the curve of the road, plus that sexy young girl crossing the bridge (Well I can see her) LOL

  7. A lot of curves in this fine image.

  8. A beautifully graceful bridge. Lovely curves all round!

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