Dark Theme #69

I love the way the dark stormy sky set off the yellow of the canola field across the road from our house.  I took this picture standing on my front veranda.  Right after I took it we got a real dandy thunderstorm.  I used the HDR-Sketch filter in the Topaz Adjust plug-in with my PSE9.  I really like the drama it emphasized and the painting feeling it gave it.

8 Responses to “Dark Theme #69”

  1. That painted effect makes this a real framer, I too love the sky but strangly the fence is a real grabber.

    P.S. Your comment on my blog Ghost Crabs BTW was made on one image only not on the post in general., click on the image and you will see the comment.

  2. Thank you so much!! I love it too. I’m so glad that my comment came through. I wondered what happened. Great picture!!

  3. really great effect! I love the golden tones beyond the fence – such a contrast with the dramatic sky

  4. Love the dramatic sky against the field of yellow.

  5. Thank you all! It is looking very similar to that again today as we get more rain and storms.

  6. dramatic, right now sunny but bad clouds bringing thunder and rain is rolling in. That s how I think about this

  7. very moody and exciting photo – this is one you should share with your art society members.

  8. This is so well composed, what a view! Along with the broody sky and bright yellow in the field I love the curve of the road. I hope you print this large!

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