Freeze Frame Theme #115

We have had alot of rain around here and the main river and it’s tributaries are very high and muddy.  Aidan, my son was dropping big rocks and mud balls of the bridge into the muddy water so I played with some shots.  The water is almost thick and reminds me of an iced cappuccino!  lol


8 Responses to “Freeze Frame Theme #115”

  1. Muddy water can be scary!

  2. And kind of creepy!! I am terrified of rivers since I almost died in one when I was a kid so I watch my kids like hawks and stress the whole time! lol.

  3. Wish it tasted like one lol Awesome splashes!

  4. very nice freeze frame!

  5. The second one is gorgeous. It does look delicious. I wouldn’t have known it was muddy water.

  6. top shot looks like chocolate soda float – makes me want to try water droplets

  7. Very nice freeze frame photo.

  8. Fun and clever shots. I guess with mud you don’t need as slow shutter speed as with coffee.

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