In Shadow Theme #152

When I was taking the picture of the orange lily the other day I was crouched down in the grass next to one of our fields.  After I was done taking the pictures I looked down to choose my footing (wearing flip flops) and what do I see but this tiny little spiderweb covered in dew hidden in the shadows of the other plants.  I almost stepped on it.  So glad I didn’t!

6 Responses to “In Shadow Theme #152”

  1. I love naturally bedewed spider webs but abhore the common practice of some photographers to spray them with water – Just to get the shot, yours is NATURALLY Lovely!

  2. Nice job spotting this – so easy to overlook. I love the raindrops too.

  3. I love the almost abstract look of the web w/ water drops….very cool image and what a great eye!

  4. Thank you all. I really think and look now when I move. So much can be found hidden below!! I love spiderwebs covered in dew and frost. They are beautiful!

  5. Mary Stewart Says:

    Love this shot!!! Early one morning, years ago, I was on my way to Edmonton – it was just daybreak and the sun was hitting it just right, the dew was shining on a trillion spider webs!!! It was just so perfect. (no camera, of course) No wonder they say you’re never more than a couple of feet away from a spider.

  6. Beautiful image with the water droplets on the delicate spider web.

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