Summer Fun Theme #290

My son, Aidan celebrating graduating from kindergarten with a trip to the waterpark.  It was a great way to end the school year and start out the summer!  A little brisk I would say by the look on his face!

6 Responses to “Summer Fun Theme #290”

  1. Great series of images of the water park fun.

  2. Yep, those photos definitely say “it’s cold!”. Fun series.

  3. Cold never stopped youth, If only I could remember it!

  4. That blue lipped fun! This is a great series.
    Trying to catch up, I love your new baby horse especially and your husband’s hands.

    You asked about the Lensbaby, I love it although I toss lots of shots away. It surely makes me slow down to shoot. Since it won’t talk to my Nikon d80 I have to guess about metering. I have the composer with the glass optic and want the fish-eye optic I think. Pat B wrote a nice tut in last year’s photowalk page on how to use one.

  5. I love those facial expressions….I hope you celebrated a bit with him…looks like the perfect summertime fun!

  6. Lorinda Says:

    WOW…I like the photos, but can’t believe he’s this old already … adorable love seeing all of your photos …

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