Motion Theme #183

I turned June Bug and her 3 week old filly out into the pasture yesterday and June Bug was enjoying tearing around, jumping and bucking!!  I love how her mane is flying up and her neck is arched in this picture.

8 Responses to “Motion Theme #183”

  1. She does look happy to be running free in the pasture.

  2. And I also love the look of excitement on her face!

  3. Thank you ladies. She had a great time running around and eating the green grass. Even though it rained on them almost the whole time.

  4. The mane, arched neck and crazy eye look sure makes it seem that she is feeling her oats. Thanks for giving us glimpses of your sweeties.

    • She was having a wonderful time. Just wait till you see the sweety that is coming the first week of July!! I can’t wait to take some pictures of her and I also have another foal coming sometime in July and then hopefully another in August and then I am done for the year!

  5. Definitely enjoying herself . Can’t wait to see all of the new babies!

  6. She does look pleased to be out and about! Looking forward to the new baby pics too.

  7. I love that wild look in her eye!

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