Misty / Foggy Theme #180

A misty/foggy morning not too far from our house.  I changed it to black and white to make it feel more moody.  I really have to get out today and take more pictures.  Having a hard time getting motivated though.  *sigh*

8 Responses to “Misty / Foggy Theme #180”

  1. It’s gorgeous out here today and I am having a hard time getting motivated to take pictures. I’ll do it if you will!

  2. This image has a moody, dark feel to it. It looks like Icabod Crane could come riding out of the mist.

    • Reflects how I feel today. We are putting our beloved Fargo, the harlequin great dane, to sleep on friday. Not dealing with it well. He has bone cancer and has gone downhill fast. So very sad.

  3. Hey – With a shot like that- Where is the Headless Horseman coming out of the mist? Love the shot regardless.

  4. So sorry to hear of your beloved dog’s impending passing over. A very hard thing.
    A good and moody shot, fog is tricky to shoot I think.

    • Rhonda-Lynne Lanctot Says:

      Thank you Ellen. It will be rough for a while but I know it is the right thing for poor Fargo. So very sad around here.

  5. Perfect image to translate to B&W, very mysterious look.

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