Wet Theme #356

After a long beautiful rain last night I have some very wet horses.  I like how it sets off Levi’s mane in the morning sun.

9 Responses to “Wet Theme #356”

  1. Lynne Thomson Says:

    Will his mane dry quickly, didn’t realise it was so long.

  2. Side bangs is not always a good look, but he can pull it off 🙂

  3. Tammy is likely to get jealous of Levi’s Punk Do! She want the name of his FURier!

  4. lol. All she has to do is ask. He does have alot of mane though, hard to pull off if you don’t. It dries fairly quickly Lynne. I just love my boy, even after he was bad and went on walk-about yesterday and fought with my drafty boy through the fence. At least he knew where his home was and went back without too much fight. Silly boy!

  5. Levi sure did get himself soaking wet, but a romp around will dry him off quickly.

  6. Yeah, what is the name of your fur-ier?? lol Looks like poor Levi is in need of a hair dryer! 🙂

  7. Even horses can have bad hair days.

  8. He’s got a girlie boy charm here – adorable.

  9. He looks like he could be the new tween throb, get him on youtube!

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