Through A Window Theme #332

After a very long 12 days Daddy/Hubby comes home to us!!  We watched his little plane land through the window.  He was the only passenger and he practically ran off the plane!  So good to have you home Rob.  The best Mother’s Day gift ever!  But I did get very spoiled with all kinds of gifts from China including alot of beautiful silk!!  I’m such a lucky lady!!!

6 Responses to “Through A Window Theme #332”

  1. The Daily Dabbler Says:

    Wow! That is the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

  2. Going on a trip is wonderful, coming HOME is much better. Having someone (Two?) to come HOME to is the absolute best. He is the lucky one!

  3. perfect Mother’s Day present

  4. Lynne Thomson Says:

    Glad you had such a wonderful Mother’s Day, just the best seeing him. Enjoy your gifts. Love your photo as well.

  5. A wonderful Mother’s Day gift for sure!

  6. Wonderful Mother’s Day gift!

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