Purple Theme #231

One last lonely crocus taking it’s final bow.  I just love the crocus and it saddens me that they last such a short time but I am happy with the pictures I got of them this year.  The frost had already melted on this one but hung on to make it an even more interesting shot with the drops on the petals, stem, fuzz and the blades of grass.  Enjoy!!

6 Responses to “Purple Theme #231”

  1. just beautiful …..looks even better full-sized. I’m glad one of them held on.

  2. Lynne Thomson Says:

    Brave little flower!! Loved your photo, everything about it.

  3. Sad in its beauty, if this is the plant I know it has feathery seed heads.

  4. you captured this image at the perfect time with the frost melting into water droplets.

  5. Thank you everyone. Ellen, you are right, it does get fluffy seed heads.

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