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On a Farm Theme #205

Posted in Photography on April 20, 2011 by paintedmeadows

RoosterThis is one of our young roosters.  He is a Cuckoo Marans x Buff Orpington and born here September 21st, 2010.  Isn’t he pretty?  I’m not sure he is staying though.  One of our hens of the same cross has started laying and here is a picture of one of her huge eggs compared to a regular egg laid by a different hen.  The huge one was double yolker.  YUMMY!!

Big Egg

Earth-Tones Theme #80

Posted in Photography on April 19, 2011 by paintedmeadows

Gravel drivewayYay, the snow is going away and you can see parts of our driveway.  This is one part taken with my brand new camera that I got for my birthday.  It arrived yesterday!!  I got a Sony a580 and wow, I have alot of learning to do.  So I invite you to come along on the journey.

Gold Theme #131

Posted in Photography on April 18, 2011 by paintedmeadows

Golden MoonMy daughter spotted this moon last night but I just didn’t do it justice.  It was gorgeous and gold.  So pretty.  Now that it is warming up I need to get out and practice with my 500mm lens.  I hope you enjoy it anyways.

Childhood Theme #45

Posted in Photography on April 17, 2011 by paintedmeadows

Aidan on the Up SwingMy son Aidan having a great time on the swings.  Just a week ago the seat of the swing was under snow!  I also included a picture of my photos on display for the first time at our local Trade Show.  I recently joined a local art club and it is giving me alot of chances to show my photography and my

teddy bears locally. Aidan down swing  Also to talk with other

photographers and artists.  I think I will really enjoy it!!

Art Club Display

Group or Groupings Theme #134

Posted in Photography on April 16, 2011 by paintedmeadows

Cat TailsThese are some of last year’s cat tails that are spreading seed now by the frozen pond.  I liked the way they were grouped together and against the blue of the ice.

Trio of Cat Tails

Beneath Theme #18

Posted in Photography on April 15, 2011 by paintedmeadows

Spring Melt, Water Beneath the Ice

We are in the middle of our spring melt here (although we got snow last night and it is snowing now).  In the morning the water level was where the ice is still clinging to branches.  By mid afternoon the water level had dropped considerably.  I love the effect it gave.

Flight Theme #108

Posted in Photography on April 14, 2011 by paintedmeadows

Canada Geese Mating PairThis is a mating pair of Canada Geese!  Aren’t they beautiful?  Where better to see them than in northern Canada.  This pair were not too happy with me and took off honking at me and then circling me for a bit so I was able to snap off a few shots.  You can read more about them at Hinterland Who’s Who

Canada Goose

Nature Theme #194

Posted in Photography on April 13, 2011 by paintedmeadows

Trumpeter SwanI have a couple of shots for you today.  First I went to visit the swans again and got various shots of them stretching their wings.  I am just amazed at the wing span!  Beautiful!

Trumpeter Swans

Red Fox

This little Red Fox was walking through my horse pasture yesterday morning.  They are very pretty but are a real problem for us as they keep eating our chickens.  After our Great Dane chasing it and almost catching it in the deep snow I am hoping it will relocate itself this year.  Very pretty little animals though.  You can read more about them here

Wild Theme #360

Posted in Photography on April 12, 2011 by paintedmeadows

Trumpeter SwanI took this picture along with many others of this Trumpeter Swan pair last night.  We are melting fast around here and this is a farmer’s field that now has a temporary pond in it.  These Trumpeter Swans have just come back after their winter away.  Here is a bit of info about them from Charming Fair Farm. 

Description: Weighing from 25-35 pounds when fully grown, the trumpeter swan is the world’s largest waterfowl. When fully extended, their wingspan can reach nearly eight feet. The trumpeter is similar in appearance to other white swans, but their foreheads slope evenly to an all black bill.

Habitat: The Trumpeter swan resides in North America, mainly in isolated populations in western Canada and the western United States. They were formerly more widespread. They inhabit lakes, ponds, large rivers, bays and sometimes grain fields.

Diet: Consists of insects, aquatic vegetation and roots. The swans tip up like mallards and root through the mud for their favorite roots. Their long necks give them an advantage. They can feed much deeper than either Canada geese or dabbling ducks

Reproduction: The breeding season of the trumpeter swans begins in April and May. The number of eggs that are lain by a female Trumpeter swan can be anywhere from 2-10 eggs. They normally do not breed until their fourth year. They also form strong pair bonds that can last for years. Their nests can be huge, at times reaching five feet across, and they are usually built among aquatic plants like cattails. They will often use the tops of muskrat houses for a nest base. After hatching, young trumpeters stay with the parents until the next spring when the pair begins nesting. Survival of young trumpeter swans is often high because of this extra parental attention.

Cupcakes Theme #65

Posted in Photography on April 11, 2011 by paintedmeadows

My Birthday CupcakesWell, today is a perfect day for this theme since it is my birthday and these are the cupcakes my hubby and kids got for me.  Aren’t they pretty!!  I love the cupcake cakes!  It brought a nice bit of spring into our house that is still surrounded in snow!!  lol.

More cupcake cake