One-Two-Three Theme #207

My daughter and I went looking for more crocuses today but after our frost last night most of them are done.  The good thing about the frost was that when the sun came out it left these beautiful dewdrops all over the fine fuzz of the stems.  They just sparkled.  I did get one crocus but I will share it another day.  And I didn’t fall down any hills today!!

10 Responses to “One-Two-Three Theme #207”

  1. It’s so much easier when you can se a positive thing in what’s happening. The photochakkenge helps us sometimes with that 😉

  2. Lynne Thomson Says:

    So lovely, so glad you didn’t fall again, but really love your photo.

  3. Love this! The sunlight on the frost is so lovely. Great shot!

  4. It’s a beautiful shot, even if the frost did kill them.

  5. So great when I enlarged this, your focus is so good that each ice crystal stands out.

  6. I was also impressed by the enlarged version and the clarity of the of the frost bubbles which look so cool.

  7. Another wonder in nature, great capture.

  8. Wonderful focus. The beauty of the frosted dew drops stands out on the fuzzy stems.

  9. Thank you so much everyone. I am very flattered!! I was happy with the shots but would really like to get a tripod for this ground work instead of relying on my shakey self. lol Any suggestios? I gave a Manfrotto for the higher work but what do you do on the ground?

  10. A good thing that frost is so cool looking when like this it is well shot. I don’t know what camera you have but maybe a Gorilla Pod or maybe a beanbag type thing to rest on. And knee pads…

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