Empty Theme #85

But not for long.  We had a hailstorm today and now it is snowing again but I loved how forlorn this little empty birdhouse looked in the hail.  The birds will be here soon though.

10 Responses to “Empty Theme #85”

  1. The birds will all be inside partying until the snow eases. LOL
    Wonderful image.

  2. Cool! Love the spot of red in the hail storm.

  3. Thank you both. I meant to say in the beginning that this is a bird house that my son made with his dad. Every year the kids make a birdhouse with their dad and they line the horse pasture out our back door. I love them!!

  4. What a great image, would love to see the the whole collection near the horse pasture.

  5. I’ll try to get them all one day. There are 6 so far and 2 more to be added this year. My kids are 10 and 6 and we have been here 7 years. Didn’t start them until Aidan was 3 though.

  6. Lynne Thomson Says:

    Loved the photo with the red bird’s house and also the story about it.

  7. This one has a surreal feel about it. Well done! Not only is the red an eye catcher, so is the hail hitting the roof and splattering outward!

  8. I love this shot. It looks like a story book. I am eager to see the other birdhouses too

  9. I like this composition with the red “dot”

  10. You did compose this perfectly, it is really hopeful feeling.

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