Renewal Theme #242


For me nothing says spring and renewal like a crocus.  Yesterday I took a drive to find some and found them in a very beautiful location overlooking the beautiful Peace River valley.  I also slid down the hill beside the crocuses and dislocated and sprained my pinkie breaking my fall and saving my camera.  But I got the shot!!  ;0)

7 Responses to “Renewal Theme #242”

  1. Ouch. . . love the crocus photos, but not the slide down the hill.

  2. Lynne Thomson Says:

    Just love your photos today, so beautiful. So sorry to hear about your finger.

  3. Thank heavens you showed the bottom shot, they never look good alone, they are companion plants, Aren’t they?

  4. Thank you everyone! These are the first ones to pop up. We still have snow. They will start becoming clumps soon. In the first shot you can see a second bloom coming up.

  5. such devotion! I think I flashed a bunch of tourists today, but I am dedicated to the blogging cause 🙂

  6. what photographers do to get the shot, lol. hope the sprain heals quickly.

  7. Suffering for the challenge! What a lovely welcome to spring. It looks like a kind of anenome.

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