Tractor Theme #338

Feeding the MisfitsThis is my husband Rob, feeding the misfits.  The herd consists of my 2000lb clydesdale/belgian draft horse Barney, my miniature pinto mare Rose Petal, our llama Kuzco, my daughter’s pinto miniature donkey Lily and my son’s miniature brown donkey Squishy.  Hence the misfits!  lol.  This was to be yesterday’s post but I didn’t have internet yet again.  (looking into a new provider).  I’ll do a second post for today right away while I still have the internet.

6 Responses to “Tractor Theme #338”

  1. Now that is a stop the action picture if I ever saw one! Nice!

  2. Lynne Thomson Says:

    Great picture, you’ve got the whole ‘misfit’ family there just waiting.

  3. There was an Aussie Book Called “They’re a Weird Mob” and I think the term also applies to your magnificent Menagerie!

  4. The anticipation of the misfits is marvelous.

  5. Cutest bunch of misfits ever, and I love the name Squishy!

  6. so many sizes and shapes!

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