Landscape Theme #164

Sunset on the Peace RiverThis picture was taken not too far from my house.  It is the mighty Peace River with the sunseting.  I loved how the light was reflected on the water.  The river just recently broke and you can still see the ice clinging to the banks.  The picture is taken facing south with the sunset in the west.  I am really happy with how it came out!!

5 Responses to “Landscape Theme #164”

  1. You have to enlarge this to see it’s full beauty…I can see why you like this!

  2. Lynne Thomson Says:

    I should think so, it is beautiful.

  3. Peace River is appropriately named. It’s beautiful (but will be better without the snow!)

  4. so tranquil, no wonder this is Peace River.

  5. This is so beautiful! Enlarging is a must.

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