Group or Groupings Theme #134

Cat TailsThese are some of last year’s cat tails that are spreading seed now by the frozen pond.  I liked the way they were grouped together and against the blue of the ice.

Trio of Cat Tails

9 Responses to “Group or Groupings Theme #134”

  1. really nice – especially the colors and composition of the second one.

  2. The Daily Dabbler Says:

    Congratulations! 134 photos and still going strong. I look forward to receiving your photos every day in my email. Keep’em coming. 🙂

  3. The cropping has done wonders and created beautiful art!

  4. Nice image. I like the cropping.

  5. I can see why this group caught your eye. Love the vertical shot. Did you notice the far left cat tail is shaped like a swans head?

  6. Thank you everyone. They are two different groups of cattails but I loved the trio. I took them after I got the Canada Goose pictures. The same day. Trying to decide what to do today. This challenge has been awesome for me, I am learning so much and I think I am improving too. Thank you for taking the time to look everyday!!!

  7. Love these cat tails…especially the first image…great clear details!

  8. Lynne Thomson Says:

    Great photos and yes I think you are improving daily, so enjoy seeing your photos. Just for interest sake here in SA we call them “Bull Rushes”. You maybe call them that as well. Our cats tail here is completely different.

  9. Lovely images. Of the two, I think I prefer the first one, but both are really well detailed.

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