Softness Theme #276

June Bug's eyeThis is June Bug, one of my miniature mares.  I just love how soft her eyes are.  She is a quiet girl but always alert.  She is pregnant and due to foal at the beginning of May.  I included a picture of her running so you can see she is almost a round as she is tall!!  She is about 32″ tall at the last mane hair to give you an idea of height. 

June Bug preggo and running.

6 Responses to “Softness Theme #276”

  1. Oh my. . .she does look ready to foal at any time. I can’t wait to see her newborn.

  2. Wow -I can’t believe she can manage to run like that. I can’t wait to see the baby either.

  3. Poor girl…man does that look uncomfortable!

  4. Thank you all. It is amazing how quick they can move and how agile they are right up to the day they foal! These little ones get really wide and they always remind me of beachballs on legs. As a matter of fact I have a mare named Peach and when she gets close to foaling she becomes my Peach Ball. lol. I will be sure to share the foal pictures. June Bug’s last foal was a solid black colt and soooooo sweet!!

  5. They know that being pregnant isn’t a sickness, so they get on with it. I am relishing all these shots thanks you, Can’t wait for the May Foal shots!

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