Glowing Theme #130

Fire in the skyA beautiful sunrise in the Peace Country.  The whole sky was glowing and it once again took my breath away.

10 Responses to “Glowing Theme #130”

  1. I really love this one. The reds and oranges are stunning and the trees not only go from smaller to bigger (left to right) but also the foliage goes from less to more. A winner!

  2. The Daily Dabbler Says:

    Wow! Beautiful photograph. You’ve just shown me something new. I’ve never seen a sunset with snow on the ground, but then again, I’ve only seen snow twice in my whole life.

  3. Those colors are so striking! Wow, breathtaking!

  4. I absolutely love this shot! It’s stunning! The colors and the composition are great. Well done!

  5. Lynne Thomson Says:

    This is just perfect – everything about it. Well done.

  6. Wonderfully stunning colors.

  7. Striking! Breath taking!

  8. Wow!! Thank you everyone!! I am very flattered!! We live in a very beautiful country!!

  9. The sky is on fire! Fantastic image.

  10. Truly stunning image, I love sunrise/sunset photos… and the clouds and colours in this are sublime.

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