Emotions Theme #84

Artistic Barney in the snowThis is my big drafty boy, Barney looking thoroughly disgusted with the snow falling.  I played with some textures on the picture because I felt it didn’t have enough depth through all of the snow.  That is snow on his back and he is sick of it!!  I just love this boy, could never have enough pictures of him!

6 Responses to “Emotions Theme #84”

  1. The textures have given the image a lovely painterly feell.

  2. I like the way this processing came out. I’d be mad if there was snow on my back, too. Don’t worry, Barney (love the name!), it’s gonna get warmer eventually.

  3. Thank you. I was going for the painting feel to give it some more depth. I didn’t name the big guy. I bought him from Whitehorse, Yukon when he was 8. He is now 14 and is a wonderful boy. He is missing the tip of one ear from frost bite up in the Yukon so he is used to the cold but doesn’t mean you have to like it. lol

  4. Me either – Keep em coming!

  5. I think your playing with textures really emphasises his thick fur coat.

  6. Barney does look as if he has had enough of winter.

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