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Relaxation Theme #239

Posted in Photography on March 31, 2011 by paintedmeadows

BarneyThis is my big drafty boy, Barney, enjoying the warm sun and snow melting, FINALLY!!  I just love taking eye shots and his eyes are just the best!  My Mom and her husband are coming today for a visit so I don’t know how many photos I will get on in the next few days but I will catch up when I get back!

Farewell Greg Free Theme #1

Posted in Photography on March 30, 2011 by paintedmeadows

For GregWe lost a very good friend today who was too young to go.  Farewell Greg, we will miss you.  May you be a guardian angel to your beautiful family as they will miss you more than words can say!

Softness Theme #276

Posted in Photography on March 29, 2011 by paintedmeadows

June Bug's eyeThis is June Bug, one of my miniature mares.  I just love how soft her eyes are.  She is a quiet girl but always alert.  She is pregnant and due to foal at the beginning of May.  I included a picture of her running so you can see she is almost a round as she is tall!!  She is about 32″ tall at the last mane hair to give you an idea of height. 

June Bug preggo and running.

Glowing Theme #130

Posted in Photography on March 28, 2011 by paintedmeadows

Fire in the skyA beautiful sunrise in the Peace Country.  The whole sky was glowing and it once again took my breath away.

The Letter B Theme #303

Posted in Photography on March 27, 2011 by paintedmeadows

SquishyB is for burro.  This is my son’s miniature donkey, Squishy.  You can tell that he is less than impressed with the weather that still plagues us!  He is a wonderful, gentle boy who will follow Aidan anywhere!

Black and White Image Theme #22

Posted in Photography on March 26, 2011 by paintedmeadows

AidanThis is my 6 year old son Aidan.  He was posing for Mommy and got bored.  I love this picture.  It was the best of the bunch.

Emotions Theme #84

Posted in Photography on March 25, 2011 by paintedmeadows

Artistic Barney in the snowThis is my big drafty boy, Barney looking thoroughly disgusted with the snow falling.  I played with some textures on the picture because I felt it didn’t have enough depth through all of the snow.  That is snow on his back and he is sick of it!!  I just love this boy, could never have enough pictures of him!

White Theme #359

Posted in Photography on March 24, 2011 by paintedmeadows

This is the snow bank by our driveway.  The wind sculpted it and made this neat cave with the lip hanging over.  I love how it shows up blue in the shade.  I’m really tired of snow but it is really beautiful!!!

Car Parts Theme #37

Posted in Photography on March 23, 2011 by paintedmeadows

Since I don’t have a car I used my truck.  Can  you guess what it is?  My poor truck mirror yesterday.  Spring shming!!

Spring Theme #282

Posted in Photography on March 23, 2011 by paintedmeadows

I took these following pictures yesterday so you can see what our spring is like in northern Alberta!  This is our range road.  You can’t really see the depth of the snow but that car is on the road, not sunk in the ditch.  I thought she was in the ditch until the plow finally came.  I drive a big 4×4 so was doing OK but still had a hard time and used 4×4 low.

This was our secondary highway.  Lots of glare ice with the snow on top and no salt or sand yet.  Kind of scarey when you have an empty truck box.  I slipped and slid some but drove slow and took my time.  Here I had pulled over to let a big piece of oilfield equipment to pass.  I was screwing up courage to head out again and not go home.  I left the pictures dark because this is exactly how it looked.  It was windy, snow was drifting and it was snowing steadily although small flakes so it made the air look more foggy.