One Theme #206

June BugOnce again, my miniature mare June Bug (sorry I cut off her bottom lip).  She was coming over to me for some lovin’.  She is my first mare due and should foal in may sometime.  My stallion, Levi is the daddy.  I can hardly wait!!

7 Responses to “One Theme #206”

  1. Is Levi a miniature too? Has June Bug been a mommy before?

    • Levi is the other miniature horse I have shown pictures of. They are both about 30″ tall. June Bug has had one other foal, a beautiful little black boy. She is solid black as well. I am praying for a black/white pinto out of her. Levi is a pinto but minimal.

  2. Wonderful winter colors in her coat. She looks to have a heavier coat than your ‘everyday sight’ boy!

    • She has alot more coat but she is alot tinier than he is and a totally different breed. She has some shetland pony in her so the woolier coat. A very sweet, quiet girl. Very easy to have around.

  3. Pregnant Ladies always need some Girlfriend time!

    • They sure do! She is in with 2 other pregnant mares, a foal and my stallion. They are a nice happy family and all are always happy to see myself, my kids and my husband. Wonderful horses!!

  4. And I hardly can wait for the baby pics! 🙂

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