Every Day Sights Theme #88

Big BarneyBut what a sight for me to see everyday.  He is my big, big, big sweet boy and I love him to pieces!!

7 Responses to “Every Day Sights Theme #88”

  1. A daily glimpse of that gorgeous visage would cure 99% of my ailments too, Give him an Apple from me please.

  2. He’s gorgeous. Easy to see why you love him.

  3. It looks like he is waiting for you! 🙂 So pretty!

  4. He is beautiful. What breed, how many hands??? Sure makes me want to ride again. I love the way horses smell, is that strange?

    • Thank you. He is 3/4 clydesdale and 1/4 belgian. He is 17.2hh and about 2200lbs. Huge neck that I can’t get my arms around and I am not small. I look forward to summer when I can share some photos of him out running and his feathers just flying. He is a beautiful horse but I might be a bit biased. My favourite miniature mare is his companion so there will be lots of pictures of Rosie too.

  5. Must be great to have a big horse of your own just waiting for you as he does! Great portrait

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