Calm Theme #34

Mule DoeThis doe was in my front yard about 15 minutes ago.  She was watching my horses play with an empty paper feed bag.  She sort of looks like she might want to join in.  After the pictures she calmly walked past the house.

7 Responses to “Calm Theme #34”

  1. she’s a cute face! I hope the horses let her play next time.

  2. What happened to her fourth leg, did you have haunch of venison latrly?

    • LOL. Too funny! It’s there, you can see the tip of her toe and the top part of her leg by the chest. Although we do have a 3 legged coyote around here. I would love to get a picture of it!

  3. I love how calmly she is just watching, so aware! Now that would be a picture, a doe playing w/ horses lol

  4. You live in a wonderful part of the world – fabulous shot. Glad she stopped to pose for you. lol. Did you get any pics of the horses playing with the paper bag?

  5. A magnificent sight to see.

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