Precious Theme #228

RosesThese roses are made of bone china and were given to me many years ago by my Grandmother.  They are about 60 years old I think.  I love them and treasure them.  I lost my Grandmother in October of 2009 just 2 months before her 100th birthday.  We all miss her very much.  She always had beautiful rose gardens and won some awards for them over the years.  She was an artist and did many beautiful oil paintings, quilts and other small projects with knitting and crocheting.  I learned alot from her.  I hope you enjoy her roses.

3 Responses to “Precious Theme #228”

  1. They are beautiful and your grandmother sounds like a cool lady who had a nice, long life.

  2. I can see why you cherish they, they are simply beautiful and bring back so many happy memories!

  3. The soft pastel colors are sure to remind you of your Grandmother.

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