In Your House Theme #156


This is a plant that sits on the table right next to where I sit and use my laptop.  In fact it is sitting to my left right now in it’s pretty green ceramic pot.  I love the colors in the leaves and the shine to them.  Just pretty.

6 Responses to “In Your House Theme #156”

  1. The green with just a touch of red is lovely.

  2. I like them too, nice textures and colors in their veins.

  3. very pretty colors. Nice example of something in your house.

  4. They look even better in the enlarged photo, I like your placement of them in the frame too.

  5. Many details in this photo, the uncurled new leaf, the veins in the leaves, nice soft lighting. The green border just draws they eye into your house!

  6. Beautiful colors and details!

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