Large Theme #165

BarneyBarney is my Clydesdale/Belgian draft horse.  He is 17.2 h or 5″7″ tall at the shoulder and about 2200lbs.  I guess you know now why I picked him for the “large” theme.  He is a big love bug.  He is broke for riding and driving but mostly he is my pretty pony!!

9 Responses to “Large Theme #165”

  1. oh, he’s just beautiful! One of the bars near me is one of the biggest Budweiser customers in the country, so they sent a bunch of Clydesdales here for a little parade. They are just amazing animals.

  2. I love all Shire/Heavy Horse, the gentle strength and grandure is so nice to be able to approach!

  3. Barney sure sounds big, most of it must be his heart, he’s gorgeous.

  4. Barney is one handsome animal. I love Clydesdales. They are so majestic.

  5. not my meaning of a pony 😉
    a lovely massibve horse, i like them big. In Sweden we have ardennes as working horses. Common before and now getting more and more “in fashion” again. They use them for collecting timber in the woods fi.

  6. Thank you all. He is a wonderful horse!! I will sure be sharing more pictures of him in the future. He is beautiful to watch run!!

  7. I always love pics of Barney! He’s wonderful. How did you wind up with super-size horses and pint-size horses and no in between? (Or are you hiding standard-size ones I’ve forgotten about?)
    Great photo of him!

  8. tee hee. I am a woman of extremes! That is why my dog is the same size as my small horses. I used to have a paint and a quarab too but the paint was crazy so she moved on and the quarab went to the rainbow bridge. Drafts have such wonderful personalities like the minis. Barney’s best friend is my mini filly. People think she is his foal! lol. I’ll share a picture of them soon. You might have seen them together on the colorful list or Equusite.

  9. I can see why you are in love with him…wow, a huge beauty!

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