Three Theme #330

peaceful hillThese 3 trees are up at the front of our property where we can see them from the house.  We have buried our beloved first Great dane here, a wonderful SPCA pooch, my special kitty, Mouse and 2 of our pet chickens so it has a lot of specialness associated with it.  To Thunder, Greta, Mouse, Hermione and Buffy, we will always remember you all!!

8 Responses to “Three Theme #330”

  1. very nice post – a nice tribute to the animals that have touched your life. I have the ashes of my cat, Phantom, but I still haven’t done anything with them after almost 6 years. I think this year I will put them in my garden somewhere.

  2. Terrific monument to passed friends and what they meant to you and yours. Sombre colours too!

  3. A lovely photo that shows us where your heart is. Our yard is also where we have our passed friends…even though it is not something that the city likes for the residents to do.

  4. It has to be a comfort to look out on this wonderful scene and think of your lost (but not forgotten) companions.

  5. Those trees make a lovely memorial for your gone but not forgotten friends.

  6. Sounds like a pet cemetery! 🙂 What a great image w/ that sky to remember your loving fur (and feathered) friends.

  7. Lynne Thomson Says:

    Lovely Rhonda-Lynne, a restful place for special friends.

  8. Very pretty scene and nice composition!

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