Fuzzy Theme #123

LeviThis is my handsome stallion, Levi aka Fabio, in his winter fuzzies.  He is a miniature horse and stands about 30″ tall at his shoulders.  He is a wonderful little horse and will be here for ever.

12 Responses to “Fuzzy Theme #123”

  1. Fabio is such a great aka name….he is so good looking…and all of that hair! So cute!

  2. He’s adorable! I love all the junk stuck in his forelock! Seems like every time I snap a photo of one of my horses there’s something stuck on them or hanging in their face. I also like all the snow on his nose … my guys have been snow-eating machines lately. (Bored stiff, I suspect!) A very nice capture here indeed!

    • Thank you. I like the hay too. It has been so cold and snowy here that they are eating from a round bale that they stick their whole heads into. That gives them the ice on the eyelashes too. Poor things. Good thing they have such heavy long coats. Now my poor draft boy doesn’t have that luxury. One year I will get a barn!

  3. It looks like he picked the A.K.A. name. Great Horseing around shot!

    • Oh you should see him toss that blonde mane in the spring when he wants to impress his ladies. It is long and really flys. I just love this little fellow!! Thanks for your compliments.

  4. Fabio is fabulous, and so are your photos. I’m not sure why it took me so long to find your blog, but I’m here now and added you to my Reader. Looking forward to more great shots.

  5. What a handsome fellow. This is a great picture.

  6. Fuzzy Fabio, he’s beautiful, better than the real Fabio.

  7. Love the snow on his nose!!

  8. I like the way that only one eye is showing from beneath that flowing mane.

  9. A great head of a wonderful horse. The fur looks like the Icelandic horses over her wich I posted a head of a while ago

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