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Hi all. I see it’s been a while since I posted. Life has been crazy!  Whew!!  I thought I’d pop in and share some horse pictures from the other day.  Some of my minis and the Barney, my Clydesdale x Belgian. 


I’m still here!

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Well, I was just looking at my last post and I’ve been a lazy girl on here!  Shame on me!  Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes. πŸ˜”. Anyways, I’m here and I haven’t quit shooting. The scenery from back deck hadn’t been changing much lately. Till now!  This first photo was about 3 weeks ago. A beautiful VERY thick fog blanketed the land while I drank my first coffee and took this in my housecoat. It was a beautiful and a little creepy as it swirled and eddied around.  

The next shot is about a week and a half ago after our first hard frost. Taken in morning then the evening. 

This last shot was taken just now. Yup, you are seeing right. That’s snow on the ground!  It won’t last today but soon it will be and then it will be a long cold winter for me. Boo hoo. 

And a few flowers to finish off the post. I need it after seeing the snow. πŸ˜„



A Misty View

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Our view including Barney (my Clyde/Belgian) and Squishy (my son’s miniature donkey)

Monday’s View

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  Not much change here although the grass is even more dry. We have hardly any hay and the pasture isn’t growing. On the flip side it has been a beautiful summer to be outside if you can get past the grasshoppers. πŸ˜‰

My Yard

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I took my camera with me to feed the horses today. Here are a few of the shots I took while I was out there. 


My View Today

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  Back from holidays so I’m ready to start shooting my view again. This doesn’t really show how dry it has been here. We had a few sprinkles of rain and the green popped!  Barney decided to photobomb today. I’m glad he did!

A stormy view

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 This was my view this morning at 6:15 am. I love a stormy sky like this.  

My Blessings

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i finally did the kids’ yearly portraits!  I’m pretty happy with them. ☺️


My View

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 Oops. I’m a little late with my view. Life has been crazy here!  This is today. The sky is gray and threatening to rain but the greenery needs it so I won’t complain!  Lol

My View

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 I love my life!